Iris Power FFProbe

Rotor Magnetic Flux Sensor

The FFProbe has been primarily designed for monitoring rotor magnetic flux on generators with an air gap size more than 50 mm.

Hydro Generator
Turbine Generator
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  • Iris Power FFProbe is used in turbine generators with an air gap size 50 mm and over.
  • Probe height is customized
  • Probe has a foldable layout to facilitate the rotor introduction without damaging the probe
  • Can be used with the portable Iris Power RFAII instrument, the Iris Power FluxTracII continuous monitor, or the Iris Power GuardII monitor


  • FFProbe kit for air cooled round rotor machines with an air gap size 50mm and over.
  • FFProbe kit for hydrogen cooled machines with an air gap size 50mm and over.

Kits include:

  • Flux probe with attached shielded, twisted-pair, heat resistant cable (15 m long)
  • Termination box (148 mm x 94 mm x 151 mm)
  • Fixing material and grounding cable

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The Iris Power FFProbe™ measure the air gap flux rate of change to detect shorted rotor winding turns in turbine generators.