Neoptix OptiLink-II Software

Connect multiple monitoring devices and gain quick access to fiber optic temperature data simultaneously

The Neoptix OptiLink II software offers an easy to use interface designed for quick access to your fiber optic temperature data. Analyze and compare different monitoring devices from one location with real-time, remote visualization.


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  • Support for up to 4 systems on 4 different serial ports (COM1 to COM32) or IP addresses
  • Each channel is independent
  • Full data logging functions
  • Sophisticated 2D and 3D graphing
  • Direct interface to Excel

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Neoptix OptiLink II collects fiber optic temperature data from up to 4 independent signal conditioners simultaneously on 4 different serial ports (COM1 to COM32). Each one of these fiber optic thermometers is connected to a PC through an RS-232C, RS-485, or USB serial interface. Acquisition and real-time fiber optic temperature data are also possible using the Ethernet interface of the T/Guard-408XT.

Compatible with third-party devices and the following Neoptix products:
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