IDM LSU MkIII SSD Local Storage Unit


A new, more reliable solid state platform with flash drive, compact flash and USB support plus options for modem and X.21 interfaces.


  • Fail over to compact flash if main storage media fails – recording continues
  • No fans therefore no ingress of dust to cause local overheating
  • New software – 360:1 reduction in the number of write cycles to minimize wear on storage media
  • Software upgrade via USB memory stick


  • Spinning hard drive version for less demanding environments (IDM LSU MkIII HDD)
  • Compact flash and flash drive replaced by a hard drive and no fail over functionality

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A rugged, long lasting accessory for use with Qualitrols IDM multifunction recorder to provide additional data storage and processing options that will keep working in harsh, dusty environments (Fully compatible with IDM V3 systems, minor restrictions apply to older IDM V2 systems).