Qualitrol 039 Remote Electronic Oil Level Indicator


Local reading level gauge and an electronic remote module offers continuous indication of the liquid level for a transformer’s main tank, conservator tank or load tap changer compartment. Provides a variable resistant output to the remote module for continuous monitoring. Remote module has offset and separate high and low gain adjustments to allow for exact matching to the local reading level gauge.


  • Up to 2 switches (contacts) for control and alarm functions
  • 0-1 or 4-20 mA continuous remote output for integration into SCADA systems
  • Case sensor assembly (with dial) is designed for use with Qualitrol 032/042 oil level indicator flange styles for easy retrofit applications
  • Provides accurate indication of oil level in transformer tank or components
  • Magnetically coupled level gauge is mounted on operating equipment while the remote indicator can be placed in a safer, more convenient location
  • Easy to read “min-max” style remote indicator dial. Special printed dials are also available
  • Local indicator has switches for alarm triggering or controlling other auxiliary equipment
  • Die cast aluminum casing is finished with a thermosetting powder coat
  • Dial on the local indicator is magnetically coupled to the flange for easy replacement if damaged
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lens does not yellow with age
  • Remote indicator available with a NEMA 3R enclosure for extra protection from the environment


  • 3 oil level indicator model for consolidation of 3 indications into one robust IP54 enclosure
  • Float travel ranges from min to max markings for various tank configurations
  • Tank connection (flange) style, materials, dial style and dial layout
  • Heater for enclosure
  • Up to 2 switches

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For continuous oil level indication with integrated control and alarm functions. Designed for use where the point of measurement is not easily viewed by personnel requiring separate or remote indication.

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