Qualitrol 092 Flow Indicator


Designed to indicate “pump on” and “pump off” conditions within a forced cooling system. Select models also indicate flow direction. Up to two SPST or SPDT switches are available for control and/or alarm functions. Large dial face provides easy viewing and is magnetically coupled to the flange assembly allowing leak free replacement if damaged.


  • Provides up to two SPST or SPDT switches for alarm triggering etc.
  • Robust, UL/CSA recognized 15 Amp (@ 120 VAC) switch contacts reset automatically when instrument returns to “Pump Off” state
  • Case constructed of die-cast aluminum with ASA #70 thermosetting powder coat finish
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens securely fastened in place with stainless steel bezel ring and hardware
  • Wide variety of electrical connection styles and positions are available for ease of installation and protection against the environment
  • Pilot models can be supplied with an adjustable preload spring to enable field adjustment of the vane torque to determine the correct switch setting
  • Can be installed on pipes with inside diameters from 2.00″ to 8.00″ for a wide range of flow applications
  • Two piece design consists of a magnetically coupled dial assembly and flange assembly allowing for easy in-field replacement of dial if damaged
  • Magnetic couple for leak free operation


  • Fixed or adjustable torque for various flow rates
  • Mounting style
  • Electrical connection type, cable type, color and length
  • Dial legends and style

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For cooling systems with forced oil or water which require “safe” flow rate, “correct” flow direction, on-off control, limit control or alarm triggering.

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