Qualitrol 020/030 and AKM 44680 Small Oil Level Indicator


Provides continuous indication of the liquid level inside of a transformer’s main tank, conservator tank or load tap changer compartment. Lever driven gauges provide slimmer profile for tight spaces within a transformer.

Vault Transformer
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  • 2 inch or 3 inch (50 mm or 76.2 mm) dial face with lever drive (radial) float arm
  • Clear liquid level indication with max-min or custom markings on a high contrast dial face
  • Large dial and high contrast display make monitoring the liquid level in the tank easy
  • Custom graphics are available for added clarity tailored for specific applications
  • Die-cast Aluminum casing is coated with a thermosetting powder coat finish
  • UV resistant polycarbonate does not yellow with age


  • Indications can be supplied for various amounts of liquid level movements
  • Location of pointer travel and calibration can be specified top, bottom, left or right on level models
  • Float travel ranges from min to max markings for various tank configurations
  • Tank connection (flange) style, materials, dial style and dial layout
  • Field replaceable case (dial) can be exchanged without lowering oil level or compromising tank seal (Qualitrol 030)

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For cost effective indication of oil or liquid level. Primarily used on oil filled transformers, load tap changers, conservator tanks and other related apparatus where the point of measurement is easily viewed.

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