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Serveron acetylene hot metal gases
Serveron – Acetylene: Hot Metal Gases

A Qualitrol Serveron TM8 monitor was installed on a transmission transformer at a US utility

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new trends user experiences online transformer condition monitoring case study
New Trends and User Experiences in Online Transformer Condition Monitoring

Challenges New Trends What we want to achieve with Condition Monitoring? It’s all about data

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benefits permanent travel measurement high voltage circuit breaker online monitoring case study
Benefits of Permanent Travel Measurement in High Voltage Circuit Breaker Online Monitoring

Circuit breaker maintenance based on condition assessment was still rarely in use until ten years

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key benefits smart breathers for transformers case study
Key Benefits of Smart Breathers for Transformers

Transformers are one of the key assets and most expensive equipment in electrical utility companies.

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Qualitrol Serveron TM8 prevents catastrophic transformer failure case study
Serveron – Runaway Fault Detected by TM8 Resulting in Action to Prevent Catastrophic Failure

On August 28th 2016, a Serveron DGA was being used to monitor a 3-phase, 1100

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Electrical asset health assessment case study
Correlative Analyses Considering Different Parameters in Order to Increase the Reliability of Asset Health Assessments

Reliable electrical assets are essential for generating, transmitting and distributing reliable energy and the knowledge

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UHF Partial Discharge Monitoring on transformers case study
Online Partial Discharge Monitoring and Discharge Localization on Transformers by means of UHF Method

UHF PD monitoring on power transformers offers new possibilities to continuously assess the condition of

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Serveron the importance of measuring oxygen in DGA
Serveron – The Importance of Measuring Oxygen In DGA

A Qualitrol Serveron TM8 mutli-gas DGA device was monitoring an old (30+ years) 3-phase 230kV

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Serveron hour by hour changes catching a developing fault
Serveron – Hour by Hour Changes, Catching a Developing Fault

A Qualitrol Serveron TM8 mutli-gas DGA monitor was being used to monitor a single phase

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Investigation of fault activity on a 132kV teed circuit in Scotland
How Travelling Wave Technology Is Locating the Fault Site

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in

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Application of UHF PD detection for dead tank circuit breakers case study
Application of UHF PD Detection for Dead Tank Breakers (DTB)

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) partial discharge measurements are common practice for Gas Insulated Switchgear for

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State of the art transformer bushing monitoring case study
State of the Art Transformer Bushing Monitoring

Transformer bushings are one of the most critical components of a transformer. Up to 20%

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Automation overview concepts power generation transmission distribution case study
Automation Overview and Concepts in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

The Situation – Americas Electrical Utility Industry: Ageing and inadequate T&D infrastructure. Focus on renewable

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Online bushing monitoring parameter challenges case study
Online Bushing Monitoring Parameter Challenges

Conclusions around bushing monitoring balanced current method, reference signal method, phase shift method and other

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Correlative analyses for transformer health assessment case study
Correlative Analyses for Transformer Health Assessment

Current Industry Trends: Deregulation changed the face of the energy market. Generation, transmission and distribution

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Amplitude considerations for transformer UHF partial discharge measurements case study
Amplitude Considerations for Transformer UHF Partial Discharge Measurements

Economic Environment – The Challenges: Smart Grid technologies and alternative electrical energy generation. Deregulated energy

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State of the art gas insulated switchgear condition monitoring case study
State of the Art Gas Insulated Switchgear Condition Monitoring and Experiences in GIS Monitoring For Over 20 Years

GIS condition monitoring as an economical benefit, to prevent failure and to increase maintenance intervals.

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A new approach for transformer bushing monitoring case study
A New Approach for Transformer Bushing Monitoring

The latest transformer statistics show that bushings failures account for 17% of the total failure

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