Iris Power EL CID™ Evolution – Low-flux Core Test Instrument

Offline Low Power Testing of Stator Core Inter-Laminar Insulation

The EL CID™ Low Power Core Tester provides offline testing of inter-laminar insulation breakdown within a stator core. The only alternative to the Iris Power EL CID™ Evolution Low-Flux Core Test is the Ring Flux (full flux) test which requires large power supplies, considerable manpower, and expensive infrared viewing cameras.

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  • Only one technician is needed to perform the low-flux core test using the EL CID™ Evolution tester
  • Safe for core and operator, unlike Ring Flux test which is potentially damaging to the unventilated core
  • Iris Power EL CID™ Evolution Low-Flux Core Tester instrument comes with an excitation kit to conduct the test at only 4% of normal operating flux.
  • Measurement results are digitally stored in the PC for analysis and automatic report generation.
  • Any imperfections in the core inter-laminar insulation produce fault currents which are detected by a Chattock coil and analyzed by the Iris Power ELAN software.
  • Future results can be compared to past results for trend analysis.


  • Tests are repeatable
  •  Immediate test results are available for local analysis and email
  •  Determines if defects are on the surface, sub-surface, or under conductors
  •  Tests with or without windings
  •  More sensitive in detecting buried faults
  •  Partial retests of core are possible with ability to merge results to obtain a complete picture of the core condition
  •  Trending of previous results
  •  Excellent quality assurance test

Group Created with Sketch. Kit contents

  • EL CID™ Evolution Low-Flux Core Test Instrument
  • Chattock Sensors (10, 20, 25 and 30 cm)
  •  Reference Sensor
  •  Magnetic Manual Trolley
  •  Step Iron Trolley
  •  Calibration Unit
  •  Switched Turbo Excitation System including 30 m of excitation cables
  •  Volt Meter and Clamp-on Ammeter
  •  ELAN CD with Software Licence
  •  Handbook
  •  Two Wheeled Transit Cases