Qualitrol KIT-013 Portable RPRR Field Test Kit


Complete field test kit for performing confidence testing of Qualitrol 900/910 Rapid pressure rise relays (RPRRs). Includes all required components, tools and power supplies housed in a rugged carrying case.


  • Portable verification of proper Rapid pressure rise relay operation
  • Allows simple “go/no-go” field testing of all Qualitrol RPRRs
  • Rugged case with shoulder strap for carrying unit into the field
  • Rugged carrying case feature integrated components for field testing
  • Pressure gauge, power supply, test lights and operation buttons integrated into case
  • Setup and test instructions permanently affixed to inside of case


  • Adapters replace clamps for easier mounting (including military grade)

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For utility maintenance groups, field service organizations and repair proper function of Qualitrol 900/910 Rapid Pressure Rise Relays while mounted on the transformer.

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