Qualitrol FIX-601 Field Test RPRR Factory Calibration Test


Duplicates the production tests performed on all new Qualitrol Rapid pressure rise relays in the Qualitrol factory. Modular design requires only 120 VAC and a dry air source. Designed to be used in the laboratory, the manufacturing floor.


  • Maintain and verify your rapid pressure rise relay calibration
  • Perform the same calibration as the factory test for all 900/910 RPRRs
  • Needs only a 120 VAC power source and a dry air source for calibration
  • Designed to provide uncomplicated testing and maintenance
  • Integrated delay timers provide accurate interval timing between tests
  • Built in LEDs and indicator lamps show test status and results
  • Unit has an adjustable pressure switch for fixture calibration
  • Modular construction for ease of storage and transportation
  • Fixture consists of three separate, easily-carried components (test stand, calibration switch, electronic controller)


  • Fixture includes adapters for flange or thread mount RPRRs
  • Dust covers are provided to protect sensitive fixture components

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For the most accurate calibration of Qualitrol Rapid Pressure Rise Relays (RPRRs). For use on 900/910 Series RPRRs with either flange or thread mount.