Neoptix OmniLink Software


The Neoptix OmniLink software allows use of your fiber optic temperature monitoring system in a highly flexible manner. Assistant features direct data logging of the temperature information acquired by the signal conditioners and also the full remote control over the instrument using a PC.

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  • Supports an OmniFlex system on 32 COM ports
  • An Ethernet bridge COM port is also available
  • Each channel is independent
  • Full data logging functions
  • Bar-graph, trend-line or statistics display

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The Neoptix OmniLink built-in function allows real time visualization of the temperature on bar graphs or strip chart directly on the PC. It is possible to adjust the refreshing rate and the scale of the information displayed. Moreover, channel can be individually enabled and customized by the user. For example, each probe can have its own name, description and color.

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