Qualitrol 049 Vertical Oil Level Indicator Switch


Provides continuous indication of the liquid level within an oil filled transformer’s main tank, conservator tank or load tap changer compartment. Integrated switches allow limit and alarm functions.


  • UL and CSA approved switch
  • Magnetically coupled for leak free operation
  • Permanent internal waterproof seal for leak protection with protective display cover
  • Float and indication assemblies are magnetically coupled for easy replacement of indicator if damaged
  • Vented enclosure meets IP54 requirements
  • Integrated snap switch allows for setting an alarm signaling specified oil level
  • Single pole double throw switch is UL and CSA approved
  • Kit consists of a manifold with shut-offs, a vacuum pump, a stopcock with tubing and a wrench to access the port on the 049


  • Switch setting
  • Float travel ranges for various tank configurations

Optional Kit allows gas sampling for analysis:

  • KIT-008-1 gas sampling kit is available to easily obtain samples for analysis

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For control or alarm functions based on oil or liquid level. Primarily used on hermetic transformers, load tap changers, conservator tanks and other related apparatus where no local indication is necessary and a top mounted solution is most convenient and accessible.

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