Qualitrol 070 Pressure Control Bleeder Series


Designed to balance pressure and vacuum conditions within a sealed vessel by releasing or admitting air and gas. If internal pressure reaches the pre-determined setting, valve will exhaust gas from the tank. If vacuum inside vessel becomes too great, the valve will admit air into the tank


  • Available with local indication (QUALITROL 070)
  • Accurate and reliable pressure control
  • All bleeder models meet or exceed ANSI standards for transformers
  • Repeatability of bleeder is ±0.5 psig on both pressure and vacuum setting
  • Tough construction meant for indoor or outdoor use
  • Coated with a thermosetting powder coat finish to withstand rough environmental conditions
  • Screened openings inhibit entry of contaminates
  • Standard models available for top, side or bottom mounting
  • Indicator gauge can be added for simplified installation on vessel
  • Wide range of adjustable pressure/ vacuum settings
  • An integrated sampling valve allows gas samples to be drawn off for analysis


  • Customized Pressure and vacuum settings
  • Single or dual (pressure and vacuum, vacuum only, pressure only)
  • Mounting style and sampling valve
  • Switches available for purchase only
  • 050 Series – Pressure/Vacuum Gauge, different ranges available
  • 351 Series – Pressure or Pressure/Vacuum Bleeder, different pressure set points available
  • 070 Series – A 050 Series Gauge and 351 Series PV Bleeder combined at the factory

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For pressure or vacuum indication on transformers and other related apparatus.

Qualitrol 050 Pressure and Vacuum Indicator

Qualitrol 050 Pressure Control Indicator

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Qualitrol 070 Pressure Control Bleeder

Qualitrol 070 Pressure Control Bleeder Series

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Qualitrol 141,146,148 and AKM 35600, 47500 pressure control gauge

Qualitrol 141/146/148 Series and AKM 35600/47500 Pressure Control Switch Series

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