Qualitrol 141/146/148 Series and AKM 35600/47500 Pressure Control Switch Series


Designed to provide operating control, limit or alarm functions for transformers and load tap changers. Contacts can be factory set or adjusted as needed. The snap-action switch automatically resets when pressure returns to pre-set conditions. Pressure and/or vacuum switches can be combined on a common manifold and protected by optional enclosure. Optional pressure indicators (dial gauges) are available on select models.


  • Reliable alarming for rising or falling pressure
  • Compact design is easy to install
  • Numerous configurations available for many applications
  • Available with cut off valve for field testing of switches
  • Tested and certified to be reliable
  • Reliable snap-action switch resets automatically – no manual reset is required
  • The single pole single throw (SPST) and single pole double throw (SPDT) switches are UL and CSA listed
  • Switches may be applied on systems using steam, air and other non-combustible gases
  • Pressure settings can be factory-set and/or adjustable by equipment manufacturer on select models
  • The high electrical rating of the snap-action switch often saves on the need for expensive relays


  • Operating pressure or vacuum and operation on rising or falling pressure/vacuum
  • Up to 3 switches, switch testing port
  • Mounting style
  • AKM 35600 is available with 3 way lockable test valve for isolation of pressure switch during operation testing
  • Compact 146 series of switches mount in any orientation inside control panel as an integral components

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For pressure and/or vacuum alarming on transformers equipped with nitrogen blanket systems and other related electrical apparatus.

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Qualitrol 141/146/148 Series and AKM 35600/47500 Pressure Control Switch Series

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