AKM 46890/46812/48003 Resistance Thermometer (RTD)

Built-in Heating Element

Resistance thermometer (RTD) with built-in heating element to simulate the measuring of winding temperatures within a transformer. Provides an analog (Pt100) output for remote indication and monitoring. Choice of one or two RTD’s allows for an extra signal for indication or input to SCADA system. Installed in a well (pocket) that allows exchanging units without draining the transformer tank.


  • Integrated heating element enables accurate simulation of the average or hot spot temperature of the transformer winding
  • By disconnecting the heating element, the thermometer can directly measure the oil temperature
  • RTDs enable accurate measurements across an extremely large temperature range
  • Compact remote indication and monitoring
  • RTD output allows for temperature indication where it is most convenient
  • Choose between one or two RTD’s within the same transmitter in either PT100 (100O platinum) or CU10 (10O copper) resistance outputs
  • Units with 4-20 mA output can transmit signals over long distances
  • Weatherproof design and robust materials for long trouble-free life
  • Ventilated case is weatherproof according to DIN 40050 IP54 (NEMA 3S)
  • Die-cast aluminum case with thermosetting powder coat provides excellent protection in harsh environments


  • Supplies 24 VDC for AKM winding temperature simulation systems
  • Analog gauge allows for accurate and easy temperature indication at a glance
  • Display features large, highly visible, bright red LEDs
  • Converts a Pt100 to a 4-20 mA signal for use with remote indicators or connecting to a SCADA system

Group Created with Sketch. Applications

For winding temperature simulation where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is not easily viewed from the base of the apparatus or the information is required remotely.

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