Qualitrol 130 Thermal Plate


Simulates winding temperature by using a proportional current transformer output to power a heating element contained in the well (pocket). Winding temperature is simulated by adding the rise due to the heater output to oil (liquid) temperature. All systems have at least one well for installation of a temperature indicator and/or measurement device (sold separately). Thermal plate is available with up to 3 wells and the 130 series is available with 1 well and up to 2 RTD’s.


  • Qualitrol Thermal Plates feature heating elements made of an etched nickel alloy grid which is resistant to burning-out, consistent and stable
  • Brass wells and die-cast Aluminum cases with thermosetting powder coat provide excellent protection from the elements
  • Simplify measurement of transformer winding and/or oil temperatures
  • Wells (pockets) and temperature probes with integrated heating elements provide an accurate simulation of the winding or hot spot temperature of the transformer based on transformer load, oil temperature, and heat rise constant from the transformer heat run
  • 130 features a well with an integrated heating element and RTDs to produce a simulated winding temperature directly or by inserting other temperature measurement devices
  • Winding temperature simulation systems can be specified to work with either 1, 2 or 5 Amp CT inputs for transformer load sensing
  • Many auto balancing transformers, matching units, and trim resistors are available for other special CT and winding rise requirements. TRA-001 transformer can be used for CT currents up to 10 amps
  • Both systems are designed to provide local and/or remote indication by accepting most Qualitrol bulb, capillary, or RTD based temperature sensing devices


  • Employs a universal probe with adjustable length and various sleeves to adapt to different diameter and length wells
  • 103 series RTD’s are available with Pt100 (Platinum 100Ω) for use with Qualitrol Thermal Plate products
  • Adjustable Resistor Assemblies allow easy calibration of the Thermal Plate’s heating element to your CT circuit
  • The TRA-001 auto-balancing transformer adjusts the input from the current transformer to the acceptable range needed for the heating element to simulate winding temperature

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For simulation of transformer winding temperature and/or measurement of oil (liquid) temperature. Qualitrol 130 can be used with a remote temperature sensing device and produces measurements directly with RTDs for remote indication and/or SCADA systems.

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