Iris Power MCPDTracII

Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring

Continuous On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring for Medium Voltage Switchgear and Isolated Phase Bus

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  • Superior noise separation technology based on filtering and pulse shape analysis, reliably distinguishing partial discharges from electrical interference (noise) and discharge from other equipment connected by long power cables, in order to  suppress false indications (alarms). Noise from distant equipment is suppressed when the power cable length is more than 30m or 100 ft of power cable.
  • Data collected  is compatible with the existing TGA/PDA technology. Users with existing sensor installations can commission the system without an equipment outage.
  • Monitors coupler sets at intervals on an IPB or bus.
  • Performs continuous PD measurements with advanced alert features, allowing minimal intervention by  maintenance personnel. In response to an alert indication, users can review the pulse height analysis plots, and the 24-window phase resolved PD plots using basic interpretation skills to confirm the cause of the alert.
  • Alert Output is a dedicated relay fitted within the monitor. The relay has a solid state latching contact that can activate a remote indicator, which must  be reset by the user. The alert threshold conditions are configurable through the operating software. The alert output may also be connected to a plant monitoring system.
  • Monitor is equipped with ambient sensor input modules to enhance data gathering for trending and analysis. Available inputs include ambient temperature and ambient humidity, as they may impact PD readings.
  • USB memory stick port for downloading stored data without a laptop computer.
  • Networking with an Ethernet port for remote diagnostics, downloading, configuration with Iris Power software.
  • Modbus over Ethernet protocol included for interfacing to third party applications.


  • Remote I/O over Ethernet with four analog inputs proportional to operating conditions such as equipment temperature, voltage, and current. These conditions are recorded for trending and analysis.
  • Remote alert relay over Ethernet.
  • Two versions are available: one MCPDTracII can connect to up to 24 couplers or up to 48 couplers. One monitor can be used to monitor many cubicles or even more than one switchgear line-up, depending on the distance.

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  • Effective and economical means of providing automated, continuous partial discharge (PD) measurement for switchgear and isolated phase bus (IPB) applications.
  • Facilities that have existing 80 pF couplers installed in their switchgear and IPB can easily add the Iris Power MCPDTracII monitor to the system by connecting it to the existing coupler termination panel within the plant. This does not require an outage.
  • Important operating conditions such as equipment temperature, voltage, current, ambient humidity and ambient temperature can be recorded and stored with the archived PD data. These parameters are useful for trending of the partial discharge activity and explaining variation in levels.