Iris Power MarineTracII

Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring for Marine Applications

The MarineTrac II system is an economical means of providing automated, continuous partial discharge (PD) measurements for up to four (4) motors or generators on marine vessels and platform.

Turbine Generator
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  • Robust continuous monitor tested to withstand harsh plant conditions. Modular hardware and easy connections to facilitate field repairs and upgrades
  • Data collected by the Iris Power MarineTracII monitor is compatible with the existing TGA/PDA technology. Users with existing sensor installations can commission the system without a machine outage. Data is easily confirmed and further analyzed with the Iris Power TGA-B™ or Iris Power PDA-IV™ portable monitors.
  • The Iris Power monitor MarineTracII is continuously collecting and periodically archiving PD data for download on 3 sensitivity ranges – a User Specified range, a range that Automatically adjusts to current PD levels, and a range suitable for evaluating high PD conditions (Alert Range).
  • The Alert testing range ensures minimal intervention by maintenance personnel. In response to a PD alert, users can review the pulse height analysis plots, and the 24-window phase resolved PD plots using basic interpretation to confirm the cause of the alert. Alert levels are preset based on the Iris Power database of over 700,000 test results.
  • Alert Output is a dedicated relay fitted within the monitor enclosure that can activate a remote indicator of high PD alert conditions,. The alert conditions are configurable through the operating software. The alert output may be connected to a plant monitoring system.
  • The Iris Power MarineTracII monitor is equipped with ambient sensor input modules to enhance data gathering for trending and analysis. Using an optional sensor, ambient temperature and ambient humidity can be recorded along with the PD data readings.
  • USB memory stick port for downloading stored data without a laptop computer.
  • Qualitrol-Iris Power has extensive experience with continuous online PD monitoring. Over 2,000 continuous on-line PD monitors have been installed.
  • Networking with an Ethernet port for remote diagnostics, downloading, configuration with Iris Power software.
  • Modbus-over-Ethernet protocol is included for interfacing to third party systems. This allows the Iris Power MarineTracII to input operational parameters to be stored along with the PD readings, as well as output PD summary data to third party applications.
  • The Iris Power MarineTracII system will take PD sensor inputs from up to four (4) motors or generators provided the terminal boxes of all four machines are within 20m of the Iris Power MarineTracII monitor.


  • Remote I/O over Ethernet with four analog inputs proportional to operating conditions such as stator winding temperature, voltage, current, or power. These conditions are recorded for trending and analysis.
  • Remote I/O over Ethernet with six analog outputs proportional to the level of PD activity (+Qm and –Qm). This is applicable in situations where the user is interested in having the real-time PD activity acquired by their DCS or control system.